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Small Groups

Groups are a great way to meet and get to know other people from Cornerstone UMC.  Chatting with people on Sundays typically doesn’t provide space for you to get to know anyone.  Small groups are perfect for that. More importantly, small groups provide a time and space for you to grow in your faith.  You have an opportunity to share what you believe, wrestle with tough questions, and hear what others have to say. Most of our small groups change with the seasons, but meet most regularly on Wednesday nights.  Check our calendar and facebook feed to see our latest offering!

 Men’s group - Second Monday of each month @ 6pm

Join us for dinner - it’s on us! 

We eat, then grow in faith through a video and discussion about Christian topics.

Spiritual Retreat “Walk to Emmaus” 

Walk to Emmaus is a three day retreat which  provides you with an opportunity to hear from Jesus in a quiet and grace-filled weekend. You will learn, laugh, be inspired, and get some time away from the demands of everyday life! The retreat provides a unique experience for everyone.  Learn more.

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