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​The current church building opened in 2015, but Cornerstone UMC is a congregation with deep roots in the community of Lake Crystal.  The church is a unique and lovely blend of new Christians, young families with children, and long-time members of this congregation. All generations are represented through the people of our church.  

This saying is on a plaque at the site of the first Methodist church on Robinson St. in Lake Crystal:  

“In 1856, two years after Mr. Robinson and Mr. Hunt staked the first claims in Lake Crystal, the first religious service was held at the Robinson home by a Methodist circuit rider, Rev. CC Kidder. Other circuit riders also preached from time to time and among them was Rev. Albert Perkins who organized the first Methodist class. But it was JW Powell who saw the possibility of a church here, and he made the recommendation that Lake Crystal become a station.

In 1870 the Bishop appointed HP Satchwell to Lake Crystal, and the “First Methodist Episcopal Church” was organized.”

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